Hyper Japan 2015 review

Hyper Japan 2015 review

This year EvilBaldGenius and I went to our first Hyper Japan. It`s a Convention all about everything Japanese. Everything about its culture, food and of course anime, manga and cosplay. It`s a bit like Japan Day in Germany, just less crowded and inside a hall. There was also a gaming area with games to play and loads of stuff to buy! So all the gaming enthusiasts at that con where sorted.

First let`s talk about the good things at Hyper Japan!

The Convention centre could be reached with the cable car which is only 2 minutes away from the entrance. Because of that, both days every morning and every evening we got to enjoy a beautiful view of London high above the Thames!


(behind us you can see the o2 center where the convention was taking place)

I really couldn`t complain about the food. Apart from the usual Sushi there was some really delicious food you don`t get to see at every convention. A big highlight for me was the sparkling Sake. It looks a bit like Champagne but it`s Sake! And oh my god is that stuff tasty! We ended up having it with every meal while at the convention.

mega tasty

There were a lot of cool acts and groups performing like martial arts, dancing, singing and more. You could try on and/or buy Kimonos and other Japanese clothing. We got to play Go and afterwards we were taught how to spell our names in Kanji.

Saturday we spend a lot of time filming a music video with a videographer friend.

This is where I come to the part of things that were not as pleasing at this Hyper Japan.

Someone apparently complained about our videographer friend claiming that he had a fake press badge. Soon security confronted us. He immediately presented his press badge and the confirmation email from Hyper Japan. The security was nice but insisted that they were just following orders and would have to escort us of the premise regardless. Of course we asked to speak to the person in charge giving those orders, who unfortunately seemed to be in a meeting… which continued for the full two days of the event since he was never available. We got some very vague information what we could do, but in the end no one could tell us who to talk to resolve the issue.

The hall the convention was taking place in was pretty big. But they cramped all of the stalls in only 3 quarters it witch made the entire thing look a bit more like the hey market version of what I expected. The con wasn`t as well organized as it could have been, but I have seen far worse. It wasn`t really bad but there is definitely room to improve.

The last thing I would that was a bit annoying isn`t exactly about the convention itself. The location is simply located a bit unfortunate. You really can ONLY reach it with mentioned cable car or from the other side with the tube. But that is a long detoured way when you are coming from the other side of the river since the only way that that can be crossed in that area is the cable car.

That is why after the event, closed masses of people streamed towards the cable car. Whoever the idiot was that thought it was a good idea to hold a bicycle race on the Saturday of the fair that circled exactly around the cable car entrance must have at least now realized that it was a dick move to say the least. I guess it would have been to easy to just turn at the corner a few meters ahead. Because of that anyway a massive line of people was created who were allowed to cross the street every 15 minutes. Through the pure number of people trying to cross the street who had assembled in those 15 minutes was so huge even the guys riding their bikes had to stop since it took so long to let people through.

But all in all Hyper Japan was a very pleasant experience and we had a lot of fun. Ga Chun Yau Photography made a great gallery of the stalls and people of the con: Hyper Japan Gallery

We ended the Weekend late on Sunday with totally un-Japanese but tasty burgers.